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Performance History
2018-2019 SEASON: "Off the Beaten Path: Renaissance & Baroque Music Around the World"
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Eastern Europe: Bohemian and Austrian Musical Courts
4:00 p.m. Sunday, September 30  |  Shrine of Ss. Peter and Paul  |  125 Fayette Street, Cumberland, MD

Featuring trumpets, strings and voices, in festive music of the 17th century. Guests: the award-winning University of Kentucky Baroque Trumpet Ensemble; Brent Wissick, viola da gamba; Daniel Moody, countertenor.

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To Sing to the Lute

7:30 p.m. Saturday, November 17  |  St. John’s Episcopal Church  |  52 Broadway, Frostburg, MD

4:00 p.m. Sunday, November 18  |  Saville Gallery, Allegany Arts Council  |  9 N. Centre St, Cumberland, MD

Join us in sampling this intimate music, in intimate spaces. Rebecca Beasley, one of Mountainside Baroque’s most popular sopranos, is joined by lutenist Lyle Nordstrom.

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A Festival of Lessons and Carols
5:00 p.m. Sunday, December 23 |  Emmanuel Episcopal Church  |  16 Washington Street, Cumberland, MD

Christmas Eve is only a night away; the tree is up; the presents are all wrapped, so why not give yourself an early Christmas present? Celebrate our 6th Lessons and Carols for Christmas with Mountainside Baroque. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A TICKETED EVENT. A free-will offering will be taken.

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The Spanish Musical Diaspora: Iberia y América
4:00 p.m. Sunday, March 24 |  First Presbyterian Church  |  11 Washington Street, Cumberland, MD

The music that flourished in Spain and Portugal in the 15th and 16th centuries was exported to the New World with the priests and friars who brought Christianity to the native populations there, a legacy still being unearthed in the cathedral libraries of Mexico, Bolivia and Peru.


All in the (Extended) Family 
4:00 p.m. Sunday, May 12/19 |  St. Paul’s Lutheran Church  |  15 N. Smallwood Street, Cumberland, MD

Johann Sebastian Bach descended from an established and particularly large musical family. In this final concert of the 2018-2019 season, we focus on music composed by the earlier Bach family, especially Johann Ludwig Bach and Johann Christoph Bach, as well as some of Bach’s most influential predecessors including Dietrich Buxtehude.

2017-2018 SEASON: "Festive Baroque"

Sunday, September 17th, 2017, 4:00p.m., Shrine of SS Peter and Paul 

Totally Telemann

This concert features the music of Georg Philipp Telemann, the most famous composer of his time.

Sunday November 12, 2017, 4:00p.m., The Allegany Museum

Italia Mia

A journey through the innovative music of the Italian late Renaissance and early Baroque.

Sunday, December 17, 2017, 5:00 p.m. [Free-will offering], Emmanuel Episcopal Parish

“A Festival of Lessons & Carols for Christmas”

Traditional holiday blend of modern & early music, with the Scholars of St. Cecilia

Sunday, April 15, 2018, 4:00p.m., St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Music Parisienne

Featuring the French influence on turn of century Baroque music, especially Paris and the Versailles.

Sunday, June 17, 2018, 3:00 p.m., Pealer Recital Hall, Frostburg State University, Frostburg, Maryland

Handel: “Alexander's Feast”

As part of the "Music in the Mountains" Summer Festival

2016-2017 SEASON: "Music for Princes and Paupers"

October 8: “Handel’s London: Dueling Divas” (Repeated in Baltimore)

Mountainside recreated some of the music written for Handel’s renowned divas–Faustina Bordoni and Francesca Cuzzon–as well as two of the composer’s “Chandos” anthems. Featured as the divas were Esteli Gomez (Roomful of Teeth) and Puerto Rican mezzo Fabiana Gonzalez. Other vocal soloists were tenor Bradley King, baritone Robert Tudor, and soprano Katelyn Hendrix, along with The Scholars of St. Cecelia


November 11, 12, and 13: John Gay’s “The Beggar’s Opera”

Mountainside Baroque and The Cumberland Theatre collaborated on a staged version of this rollicking Baroque farce, featuring favorite ballad tunes of the day and witty satirical text. Taking the leads: Ryan Mullaney as Macheath; Kathryn Summersett as Polly Peachum; Janna Critz as Lucy Lockit. Also featured: Ethan Sagan as Mr. Peachum; Corbin Phillips as Lockit; Angela Terhark as Mrs. Peachum & Mrs. Trapes; Andrew Hann as Matt of the Mint; Alexandra Rosle as Jenny Diver; Rabbi Mark Perman as the Beggar and Filch; Don Robinson as Jemmy Twitcher; Rebecca Galliher as Suky Tawdry; Sally Boniece as Molly Brazen; and, Jacob Fader as Ben Budge.


December 18: “A Festival of Lessons and Carols”

Emmanuel Episcopal Parish continues to host this annual traditional holiday offering of modern and early music with the Scholars of St. Cecilia


March 5: “The Kinges Musicke” (Held in The Lodge Room of the historic Masonic Temple in Cumberland)

Music from the Tudor Courts of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I for voices, recorders, crumhorns and lutes, featuring vocalists Joel Bevington, Sara Mackimmie, Ryan Mullaney, and Rob Tudor, along with instrumentalists Sarah Lynn (recorder, flute, crumhorn), Patricia Nordstrom (recorder, crumhorn), Lyle Nordstrom (lute, recorder, crumhorn) and Bill Simms (lute, Renaissance guitar)


April 8: “The Many Faces of Bach” (Repeated in Beckley, West Virginia)

The program included Bach’s “Coffee Cantata” and Brandenburg Concerto #4, featuring Cynthia Roberts on Baroque violin, and recorder players Gwyn Roberts and Aik Shin Tan, (also Baroque flute) as well as Bach’s cantata for Psalm Sunday, “Himmelskonig sei willkommen.” Featuring vocal soloists were Nola Richardson, soprano, Janna Critz, mezzo-soprano, Tyler Ray, tenor, and David Newman, bass. Harpsichordist Elliot Figg, led the continuo section.

2015-2016 SEASON: "Shepherds, Psalms & Sackbuts”  A Season of Grammy Winners


October 3: “G. F. Handel: Acis and Galatea”

Featuring GRAMMY-winning artists Aaron Sheehan & Estelí Gomez as Acis and Galatea, with Bradley King as Damon, Jacob Perry, Jr. as Coridon, and David Grogan as Polypheme. Also Cynthia Roberts, Janelle Davis, Arnie Tanimoto, Kathryn Montoya, Sung Lee, Adam Pearl and Lyle Nordstrom. (Repeated in Baltimore, MD)


November 22: “Psalms of David” (Held in Cumberland’s historic Temple B’er Chayim)

17th century Psalms in Hebrew and Latin with vocalists Leann Conley-Holcom, Janna Critz, Joel Bevington, Bradley King, Ryan Mullaney, and Joseph Hubbard, and instrumentalists David McCormick, Fiona Hughes, Patti Halverson, Scott Pauley, and Lyle Nordstrom.


December 20: “A Festival of Lessons and Carols”

Emmanuel Episcopal Parish hosted a traditional holiday blend of modern and early music, with Mountainside’s resident choir, the Scholars of St. Cecilia, Ryan Mullaney and Lyle Nordstrom conducting and Mark Steiner on the organ.


April 3: “A Merry Moode for Two Lutes”

Featured GRAMMY-winning artist Paul O’Dette playing music for solo lute, as well as duets with Lyle Nordstrom (Repeated in Baltimore, MD)


May 7: “Alleluia! Festive Music from Germany”

Music by German composers leading up to Bach, with vocalists, trumpets, trombones, timpani, and more. Vocal soloists were Julianna Emanski, Kathryn Summersett, Thomas Aláan, Jacob Perry, Jr., Ryan Mullaney and Joseph Hubbard. Also featured The Scholars of St. Cecilia, and instrumentalists Nick Althouse, Brandi Berry, Berry Bocaner, Edmond Chan, Keith Collins, Nick Harvey, Michael Holmes, Elisa Koehler, Patrick Merrill, Patricia Adams Nordstrom, Lyle Nordstrom, Patrick O’Connell, Maria Jose Romero Ramos, and Reynaldo Patino. Ryan Mullaney and Lyle Nordstrom conducting. (Repeated in Keyser, West Virginia)


2014-2015 SEASON: "Irregular Pearls: Gems from an Earlier Time"


October 19: "The Rebel Queen: Music from Queen Christina's Swedish and Roman Courts"

with Armonia Celeste (Sarah Griffiths, Rebecca Beasley, Dianna Grabowski, Paula Fagerberg, Lyle Nordstrom)


November 8 & 9: "Baroque Virtuosi—Leave it to Biber" (Biber's complete "Mystery Sonatas")

with Stanley Ritchie, Cynthia Roberts, Madeline Adkins, Liz Fields, Stephanie Raby, Adam Pearl, Elisabeth Wright, Lenora McCroskey, Wendy Gillespie, Stephanie Vial, Kathryn Aducci, Doug Wilson, Adam Pearl, Lyle Nordstrom


December 21: "A Festival of Lessons & Carols for Christmas"

2nd annual holiday event, including a Charpentier cantata, with Scholars of St. Cecilia and Keith Hanlon, Amara Guitry, Patricia Adams Nordstrom and Lyle Nordstrom


March 29: "Peasant Song and Dance from Renaissance Germany"

with Dianna Grabowski, Joel Bevington, Ryan Mullaney, Caitlin Cribbs, Arnie Tamimato Lyle Nordstrom, and Patricia Adams Nordstrom


May 17: Vivaldi's "Magnificat!"

with Nola Richarson, Janna Critz, Daniel Moody, Brandi Berry, Adam Pearl, Elizabeth Field, Christoph Richter, Brandi Berry, Fiona Hughes, Maria Jose Romero, Janelle Davis, Daniela Pierson, Rinaldo Patino, Stephanie Vial, Eric Smith, Anne Trout, Frostburg State University Chamber Choir, Scholars of St. Cecilia


2013-2014 SEASON: "Great Musical Cities of the European Baroque"


September 22: “The French Connection: a Musical Journey to Baroque Paris” [Paris]

with Bloomington Baroque (Stanley Ritchie, Elizabeth Wright, Wendy Gillespie, and Leila Breithaupt). Featuring soprano Rebecca Beasley. With Lyle Nordstrom


November 17: Henry Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas” [London]

with Dianna Grabowski, Janna Critz, Kathryn Summersett, Angel Gippert, Ryan Mullaney, Angela Merrihew, Stephanie Laut, Lane Conklin, Katelyn Hendrix, Elizabeth Fields, Stephanie Vial, Caitlin Cribbs, Reynaldo Patiño, Lyle Nordstrom, Don Whistead (stage direction)


December 22: "A Festival of Lessons & Carols for Christmas"

1st annual holiday event, with Scholars of St. Cecilia


March 2: “The Glory of Venice: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons” [Venice]

with Cynthia Roberts, solo Baroque violin, Allen Whear, Baroque cello, Elliot Figg, harpsichord and the UNT Alumni Baroque Orchestra.


May 18: “Finally, Bach!” (Cantatas by J. S Bach & Others) [Leipzig]

with Julianna Emanski, Katelyn Hendrix, Daniel Moody, Jason Rylander, Lane Conklin, David Grogan, Brandi Berry, Janelle Davis, Caitlin Cribbs, Stephanie Raby, Eric Smith, Patricia Nordstrom, Caitlin Cribbs, Stephanie Raby, Eric Smith, Zachary Good, Gabriel Benton, Adam Pearl, The Scholars of St. Cecilia.


2012-2013 SEASON: "Britain, Blue Ridge and Beyond"


October 7: “Three Violins, Three Generations”

with Stanley Ritchie, Cynthia Roberts and Brandi Berry, Baroque violins


November 18: “Music from the Royal Courts of England”

with Daniel Moody, countertenor, Elizabeth Baber, soprano, Charles Weaver, lutes and theorbo and The Frostburg State University Chamber Choir


March 10: “From Britain to the Blue Ridge”

Tracing the roots of early American Music from the 17th century British Isles to the Appalachian Mountains, featuring Rebecca Beasley, soprano, Ryan Mullaney, baritone, Stephanie Raby, violin, Keith Collins, winds, harp and dulcimer [Presented in conjunction with a month-long exhibit at the Allegany Museum on the development and discovery of the ballad tradition]


May 19: Georg Philipp Telemann, Der Tod Jesu

with Sarah Griffiths, Tami Petty, Jenifer Smith, Nicholas Garza, David Grogan, Matthew Sullivan, Brandi Berry, Maria Jose Romero, Reynaldo Patino, Stephanie Raby, Edmond Chan, Caitlin Cribbs, Kathryn Montoya, Michael Lynn, Pablo Moreno, Brent Weaver, Eric Fisher, Nicholas Harvey, Paul Hopkins, Adam Pearl, Lyle Nordstrom


2011-2012 SEASON: "Before Bach"


October 23: “Ein Feste Berg: Music from 17th century Germany”

with Janna Critz, Kathryn Summersett, Matt Sullivan, Samuel Park, Stephanie Raby, Caitlin Cribbs, Elliot Figg, Patricia Adams Nordstrom, Lyle Nordstrom


January 15: “Benedicite Domine: Music from 17th Century Rome”

with Armonia Celeste (Sarah Griffiths, Rebecca Beasley, Dianna Grabowski, Paula Fagerberg, Lyle Nordstrom), the Scholars of St. Cecilia


February 19: “Musica Dolce: Court and theater music from England France, Italy and Germany”

with Kathryn Summersett, Ryan Mullaney, Maria Jose Ramos, Stephanie Raby, Patricia Adams Nordstrom, Lyle Nordstrom


April 15: Music from England’s “Golden Age: the Time of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I”

with Maura Caldwell, Erin Swanson, Janna Critz, Jason Rylander, Joshua Ruppencamp, the Consort of Viols from the Eastman School of Music (Caitlin Cribbs, Arnie Tanimoto, Beiliang Zhu, Christel Thielmann, director), Patricia Adams Nordstrom, Lyle Nordstrom

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