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Echoes of the Oratory: A Gregorian Chant-Along

Saturday, November 11, 2023 | 3 p.m.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church 

15 N. Smallwood, Cumberland MD


This Gregorian "Chant-a-Long" will be facilitated by Bishop Matthew Riegel, a member of the Mountainside Baroque Board of Directors. We're thrilled to offer a fun group event that will provide a great opportunity for community members to come learn about the history of Gregorian Chant, learn to read the neumatic notation, practice singing some chant, and then be a part of a demonstration of a chanted music. Members of the Scholars of St. Cecilia (Mountainside's local choir)  will also be participating. Patrons will gather at St. Paul's for the main workshop. Those in the community who would like to simply hear the demonstration should arrive before it starts at 4:30. This is a non-ticketed event and donations will be accepted. Light refreshments will be available. Plan to come be a part of this low-pressure group activity!


COVID 19 Guidelines:

Note: We encourage patrons to be up to date with vaccinations for the protection of all.

Make a Weekend of It!
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