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Photo Gallery
Mountainside Festival
Master class at Mountainside Festival
Arnie and Paula
Rebecca and Lyle - Lute Song performance
The King's Noyse
Brass at the Mountainside Festival
Demonstration of Baroque Guitar at the Mountainside Festival

Ryan Mullaney conducts the Scholars of St. Cecilia in the “Festival of Lessons & Carols” at Emmanuel Episcopal Parish

Kathryn Summersett (Belinda) and Dianna Grabowski (Dido) in Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas at Emmanuel Episcopal Parish (Best of the Baroque: London)

Baroque violinists Stanley Ritchie, Cynthia Roberts and Brandi Berry bring their virtuosity to “3 Violins, 3 Generations.”

Keith Collins with two of the historic banjos he used in “From Britain to the Blue Ridge,” a tribute to the ballad links between the British Isles and the Appalachians.

Mountainside’s resident chamber choir, the Scholars of St. Cecilia, perform at St. Patrick’s.

Brandi Berry and Janelle Davis enjoy a light moment during rehearsal for “Finally, Bach” in the Shrine of Ss. Peter & Paul. (Best of the Baroque: Leipzig)

Armonia Celeste rehearsing “Benedicite Domine: Music from 17th Century Rome” at the Shrine to Ss. Peter & Paul.

Caitlin Cribbs takes a break at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church during rehearsals for “Ein Feste Burg.”

Janna Critz (Sorceress) and Stephanie Laut and Angela Merrithew (Witches) concoct an evil scheme against Dido and Aeneas in Purcell’s famous opera.

Paul Hopkins demonstrates his Baroque natural horn, used in Telemann’s “Der Tod” at the Shrine of Ss. Peter & Paul.

Mia Culjak takes a break during rehearsals for “Ein Feste Burg” at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

The viol consort rehearses Holborne dances for “Shakespeare & England’s Golden Age” at Emmanuel Episcopal Parish.

Kathryn Summersett (Belinda), Katie Hendricks (Sprite), Angel Gippert (2nd Woman) and Dianna Grabowski (Dido) all spurn Ryan Mullaney’s (Aeneas) pleas in Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas.

Ryan Mullaney talks with Vic Resendez about the instruments displayed in the Allegany Museum’s “From Britain to the Blue Ridge” exhibit.

Mountainside Co-Directors Ryan Mullaney & Lyle Nordstrom hang out in front of the Western Maryland Scenic Railway’s engine, “Mountain Thunder.”

Pre-concert warm up for “Ein Feste Burg” at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Before Bach)

Baritone Ryan Mullaney

Eastman Viol Consort & Mountainside Baroque gather outside Emmanuel after “England’s Golden Age.”

Rebecca Beasley performs a Clerambault cantata with Bloomington Baroque

Rehearsing Telemann Chaconne at the Shrine of Ss. Peter & Paul for “Finally, Bach.” (Best of the Baroque: Leipzig)

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