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  • My wife Carol and I are attendees and supporters of Mountainside Baroque since its inception. I am a retired physicist but have a sort-of music background. We were at the Penn Alps concert last night and, in my 95 years of life, I've never enjoyed a concert more. It rung every bell in my psyche! Keep up the great work! Dan

  • "Psalms of David," an absolutely transcendent performance by Mountainside Baroque, bringing to life sacred music (Jewish and Christian) of the 17th and early 18th centuries. If you have not heard these amazing musicians before, you are missing out on one of the hidden treasures of central Appalachia.

  • It was worth the drive from DC. The moment when the singers were split between floors was superb. 


  • What an incredible performance!! I feel so fortunate to have been in the audience. It was truly an evening to remember. Many thanks for making the trip back to Allegany County a memorable one.


  • One of the many wonderful events that occurred at our concert was the excitement of seeing Emmanuel's Administrative Assistant, Carisa's 15-year old daughter and her friend sit in the front row of the church and be totally engaged with the performance…


  • It was indeed a tremendous gift to the community


  • The concert last Sunday was magnificent. I was on the verge of tears and had chills in almost every piece.


  • So beautiful, it made me cry. Thank you!


  • There just aren't words for today, what an extreme joy it was to be present, thank you so much!!


  • Thank you so much for the beautiful performance today. I wanted to tell you all that the past seasons of Mountainside Baroque have meant so much to us...being able to experience living (not just live, but living!) music by such dedicated performers. Thank you for making the music more approachable by providing translations of the texts & keeping ticket costs affordable. I can honestly say my heart has not been only moved, but changed by the performances I have been privileged to attend.​


  • Bravo to everyone who performed Dido and Aeneas! We were in awe at the musical expertise that literally transported us back in time to the Baroque Era.


  • I was absolutely thrilled by the performance. The music was magical, vocalists were engaging. Kudos and thank you...


  • Enclosed is a contribution to the fantastic! heavenly-sounding! work of Mountainside Baroque.


  • A huge asset to the area!


  • Amazing performance of G.P. Telemann's "Der Tod Jesu" by Mountainside Baroque and The Scholars of St. Cecilia this afternoon!


  • If you weren't there you missed a brilliant concert.


  • A wonderful concert! Thank you. Thanks for the words, they help a novice like me. To find such rare talent in Western Maryland is truly a blessing!


  • Really enjoyed Musica Dolce this evening, a sweet treat!


  • Outstanding.


  • A wonderful concert this afternoon in Cumberland.


  • Wow! What a treat to hear (and see) the wonderful concert last night.


  • I relished this concert--a treat rare and delightful!

Mountainside Baroque in the press!
Mountainside co-founder and co-director Lyle Nordstrom receives the Howard Mayer Brown Award for lifetime achievement in early music.
2019 Howard Mayer Brown Award.jpg
Early Music America features Mountainside in their magazine



  • Only good times in Cumberland!

  • Fantastic performance with Mountainside Baroque today. One of the best – if not the best – performances I have been a part of ever. Congrats to everyone involved. You should be proud!


  • Can't wait for the concert this evening with Mountainside Baroque! The orchestra is STELLAR and the soloists are AMAZING and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to perform amongst them!! Can't wait!! Woohoo!!


  • Thank you for a delightful weekend in Cumberland. Your creative musicianship was such an inspiration and you created new magic for an already magical work!


  • Very excited to get the opportunity to perform this Telemann piece today in beautiful Cumberland, MD. Great group of musicians assembled.


  • Telemann with world-class baroque orchestra and singers on a rainy day in the mountains!!! Thank you, Mountainside Baroque, for a fantastic weekend of music and friends, old and new!


  • What an incredible and enlightening weekend!!


  • Just got done singing Telemann with the most amazing performers! Wow what an honor to be singing with them!


  • Had a wonderful concert tonight with Mountainside Baroque's "From Britain to the Blue Ridge" program. In addition to recorder and harp I got to trot out my banjos and dulcimers, and I even sang an unaccompanied ballad!

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