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Mountainside Baroque        

Grand Venetian Vespers
from 17th Century San Marco

Saturday, June 20 | 4pm

Shrine of Ss. Peter and Paul

125 Fayette Street

The Basillica of San Marco in Venice was one of the great musical centers in the 17th century.  The renowned Claudio Monteverdi became Maestro in 1610, and his Vespers have been famous for centuries. The music for Vespers did not stop there, however. Monteverdi continued to publish more works, and the later greats at San Marco—Allessandro Grandi, Giovanni Rovetta and Francesto Cavalli—continued the tradition. This concert brings together music from all four composers as might have been performed around 1650, including voices, brass, violins, organs, for a rarely heard, sumptuous sound.


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