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The Mountainside Baroque Music and the Mountains Summer Music Festival, along with its March 29 concert, “Venice and Rome” have been cancelled due to coronavirus precautions. We regret that this brings our 2019-2020 concert series to a close. If circumstances allow, “Venice & Rome” may appear in some form as part of the new season coming this fall.

If you have purchased admission to the festival or concert via a season pass, FlexSaver tickets, or Festival Combo Pass, you are entitled to a refund. Here are your options:


  1. Donate your refund to the MBQ Musicians Fund. Please read about the fund in the orange box below

  2. Use your pass or each of your remaining FlexSaver tickets for one concert admission in the 2020-2021 season starting this fall.

  3. Season pass or FlexSaver ticket holders may request an unconditional pro-rated refund now. Festival Combo Pass holders should wait for final determination of festival status before requesting a refund. See instructions below.

MBQ Musicians Fund

Supremely talented professional musicians come from near and far to perform as part of the Mountainside Baroque collective. They are all part of the gig economy. In the time of coronavirus and concert cancellations, this means our artists are struggling financially. Moreover, the long-term impact of those personal difficulties on an organization such as ours could be devastating. We are doing what we can by making partial payment of fees performers would have earned with the March 29 concert. Your donation in lieu of a refund will help us do that. If you don’t have tickets but intended to attend the March 29 concert, please consider a cash donation in that amount or any other.

Help musicians  survive financial impact of COVID-19

Request a Refund

Season pass or FlexSaver ticket holders may request a refund simply by mailing your passes or tickets to: Mountainside Baroque, PO Box Box 3143, Cumberland MD 21504. Please include your name, address, and phone number.

Thank you so much for your support during this time of hardship and uncertainty. Stay well!

Mountainside Baroque

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